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Balanced Dieting & Exercising

There’s never a bad time to discover the new you, especially when it comes to maintaining your weight, the food choices you make, how much you exercise and how you care for your skin. The key to lasting success is balance. With a balanced approach to your nutrition and lifestyle, you increase your likelihood of sticking with the positive changes you make for the long term. We’ll help you find balance in what you eat, how you exercise and how you maintain good skin health.

My Approach to Healthy Weight Loss?


Nutrition 80%

Good nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health. Eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health for everyone. The kind and amount of food you eat affects the way you feel and how your body works. I’m going to show you how to simplify your daily nutritional needs, lose weight, and change your habits so this will be your last diet!
  • Nutrition 80% 80%

Exercise/Fitness 20%

Unless your planning on going Pro in athletics, then you really don’t need to work out for hours every day. The average person is only willing to spend a few minutes at best working out for weight loss. I supply my clients with a verity of workouts that can be tailored to fit every level. Even if your in a situation where you physically can’t work out, you can still lose the weight.
  • Excercise/Fitness 20% 20%

Mindset 100%

  • Learn how to change your mindset.
  • Living a healthy active lifestyle has everything to do with your mental attitude.
  • Believing you can get in the best shape of your life and thinking positively every day on your healthy active lifestyle journey is just as important as eating healthy and working out.
  • Have a healthy active lifestyle mindset vs. a diet mindset
  • Long-term, nourish your body, self-love/respect vs. short-term, deprivation, unsustainable.
  • Mindset 100% 100%

Building a Diet for YOU and YOUR Goals

You’re going to get all the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals… the only thing you need to supply is your own self-discipline and a desire to succeed.

I will work with you to create a personalized meal plan with flexibility. I will show you what snacks to eat how often and how much to eat. I will be there to answer your questions and help drive you forward. You will have the opportunity to learn about proper nutrition and eating habits, so when you go into maintenance mode, you will know how to stay fit and healthy instead of rebounding back to your old ways.

If you’re serious about getting in the best shape of your life, then this is the right plan for you.

Weight Loss Is More Than Just Eating Right. But Working Out Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

This is where so many people get it wrong. If you believe getting healthy means you need to work out for hours a day followed by an extra large fruit smoothie at the gym, then you need to learn about the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that you should look at things as 80% Nutrition and 20% fitness. What you put into your body is far more important than how hard you work out. Now if you’re already really fit and enjoy a strenuous workout, then keep up the good work, just remember how important what and how much you eat is.

Finding a Balance is Important to Maintaining Results

As your wellness journey progresses, your energy level should increase, you could notice mental clarity along with other benefits that come with living a healthy active lifestyle. This new energy and ability to think more clearly along with your new eating habits will enable you to make better decisions when it comes to your diet.

 But What About After?

How to Maintain Your Results

Proactive Preparation for Life After Diet

Along the journey to wellness, you will be creating new habits that if implemented could be life-changing.

Access to Premium Nutrition Resources

All my clients receive Free access to my online membership site where there is a special collection of weight loss content to choose from. You will find articles, ebooks, reports, and other content to help you reach your goals and maintain them. Don’t miss the “New and Upcoming” product section in the member’s area where you’ll get a glimpse at the future of weight loss.

Personalized Meal Plan

There is No One Diet For Everyone

Who wants to eat the same thing day in and day out, not me! You’re in control of your destiny… with 9+ Formula 1 flavors and 5+ protein flavors the possible flavor combinations are endless. Ask me for a digital copy of my Nutrition Club Recipe Book Coming Soon! To make it super simple, I will also give you an easy to use Meal Planner tool that will tell you just what and how much to eat. It includes several options so things don’t get boring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Herbalife is a scientifically formulated, herbal-based, calorie-reduced nutrition program. It is centered around our unique high-energy, protein-rich, nutritional “shake” or meal replacement drink, Formula #1, to which has been added food supplements containing important vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and nutritional herbs. The Herbalife program has been used for weight control and health enhancement since 1980, literally by millions of people from around the world.
What can I eat on the Herbalife diet?
The short answer is… almost anything you want.

When I was first considering Herbalife, one of the biggest attractions for me, was, that I could still eat my favorite foods (pizza). All I needed to do was cut back on the amount that I was eating. I found the shakes gave me a real feeling of fullness and I just wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be. Being able to still eat the food I love, just in smaller portions made it simple to incorporate Herbalife into my lifestyle. Because its so simple,  its sustainable long-term and that was the difference between success and failure for me.

Absolutely. Herbalife has a Medical and Scientific Advisory Board that tests and researches Herbalife products and continually monitors reports of results sent by customers and distributors. In addition, many physicians and other professionals in all parts of the world use Herbalife both in their personal lives and in their practices.
Yes. Since Herbalife products are 100% nutritional food supplements, they are safe for everyone. Certain individuals including children, pregnant or lactating women, insulin dependent diabetics and those with compromised kidney function are advised to consult with their physician before beginning this or any other weight loss program.
How do I lose weight with Herbalife Nutrition?
It’s easy to lose weight with Herbalife Nutrition products. Just Follow the 3-2-1 process and drink plenty (8+ glasses) of water per day.

  • Take your Herbalife tablets 3 times per day.
  • Enjoy 2 Herbalife Formula 1 “Meal Replacement Shakes” per day.
  • Have 1 “Healthy Meal” per day and just cut back on the number of calories that you’re consuming.
  • *Ensure that your drinking 8+ glasses of water per day for good hydration and weight loss.
Definitely not! Herbalife is neither of these. Our program supplies at least 1000 Calories daily and is nutritionally complete so individuals can lose weight safely and effectively, and, just as important, keep the weight off. “Liquid protein” diets, which use nutritionally unbalanced protein-based drinks, or starvation diets, which reduce calories so low (less than 500 calories daily) that people literally starve to lose weight, are both extremely unhealthy and have less than 20% long-term success.
Herbalife encourages participants to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, regular exercise, moderation in the use of alcohol and avoiding tobacco use. The Herbalife Program works even if individuals do not or cannot exercise. Many people cannot exercise because of serious injuries or other health programs. Even these individuals can use the Herbalife Program to lose weight successfully. For my clients who can exercise, I provide guided video workout routines that you can do at your own pace.
How do I buy Herbalife Products?
Its never been easier to buy Herbalife Products.

  • You can visit my online “Herbalife Store” register and begin shopping, the products will be mailed to your home.
  • If your local, you can stop by the “Nutrition Club” and get your products right away. We stock the most requested products and normally can fill your order on the spot.
  • If you don’t have internet access, you can contact me and I will help you place the order.

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